Renewable Energy

Highly accurate surveys enable our clients to improve their initial conceptual studies. Our drone to scan services can capture land survey/topographical information, this combined with our digital laser scanning services allow us to capture and compile accurate survey data to aid the detailed engineering through every stage of the project. Visualisation studies performed can also assist in sales, marketing and planning.

The technology CUB3D employs lends itself to capturing data over vast areas and allows accurate representations to be created in order to assist in the decision making for maximising the potential usage of available space and features of any given area. This data once compiled into a usable Pointcloud can then be utilised through every step of the detailed design engineering process utilising a wide range of CAD and modelling mediums.

We see the renewable energy sector as one of the most important and fundamental energy technology pursuits currently and look to assist in its continued development and growth as a core principle of our company.

Why Choose CUB3D?

High Accuracy

• 3D Laser Scanning offers superior levels of accuracy

Time Saving

• ‘Rapid Response’ team of professionals
• Quick Setup
• Fast Data Collection
• Rapid Deliverables


• Save On Costs
• Ensure Accuracy
• Fabricate and Fit
• Confidence

Multi Use

• Multi Discipline Uses
• VR Your Environment
• Build AR Content
• Monetise Assets

Technology enables us to digitise reality, and people like you to benefit from it

The CUB3D Team

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