About Us

CUB3D is owned and ran by the two directors, Nic Curcio and Lee Canny and was started in March of 2019. The company has its offices at the Bridge Innovation Centre in Pembrokeshire’s Science & Technology Park in Pembroke Dock. Both Nic and Lee have backgrounds in design and heavy industry, and both ran successful independent companies prior to starting CUB3D, Nic a piping engineer and Lee a civil engineer.

Both are experienced CAD operators and bring a wide knowledge base to CUB3D, allowing them to call on over 35 years of combined industry knowledge and adjust their perspective to suit each project irrespective of its sector. The company was created to bring digital laser scanning and other forms of data acquisition to a wider market. Digital scanning is rapidly becoming the preferred method of data acquisition in various sectors, primarily for its accuracy and ability to capture high levels of detail.

CUB3D aim to make this technology available and cost effective to sectors in which it may not have been previously commercially viable to utilise. CUB3D have done this by focusing on, ‘efficient data collection’. This has created a cost-effective service with quick turnarounds on data acquisition and deliverables, enabling clients to streamline their processes and maximise potential.

Meet The Team

Nic Curcio - Staff Photo

Lee Canny - Staff Photo