3D Laser Scanning

The general meaning of laser scanning in modern surveying is the controlled deflection of laser beams, visible or invisible.

3D Laser Scanning (also known as lidar) combines controlled steering of laser beams with a laser rangefinder. By taking a distance measurement at every direction the scanner rapidly captures the surface shape of objects, buildings and landscapes, with up to 1 million points recorded every second. These millions of points combined form a 3D replica of the scanned subject which is known as a ‘Pointcloud’. Construction of a full 3D ‘Pointcloud’ model, involves combining these multiple scans obtained from different viewing angles, or the admixing of other known constraints.

Laser scanning allows us to capture vast amounts of data and create 3D ‘Pointcloud’ digital models with superior levels of accuracy. These 1:1 scale digital models can be utilised for anything from feasibility studies to creating VR ready content, from BIM to construction design and engineering. They can be used in their raw form known as the Pointcloud, or over-modelled to create a fully textured CAD asset. This accurate digital representation of your real world can both contribute towards streamlining your workflow and meeting project deadline and budgetary constraints, increasing both your ROI and company productivity.

CUB3D use laser scanning extensively, creating Pointcloud data which is directly compatible with a wide range of computed based modelling applications (CAD packages). This Pointcloud model can be manipulated in order to facilitate a wide range of services as mentioned above. CUB3D can also offer guidance and continued support on Pointcloud implementation and use, should your company be looking to add this digital design asset into your business model.

Why Choose CUB3D?

High Accuracy

• 3D Laser Scanning offers superior levels of accuracy

Time Saving

• ‘Rapid Response’ team of professionals
• Quick Setup
• Fast Data Collection
• Rapid Deliverables


• Save On Costs
• Ensure Accuracy
• Fabricate and Fit
• Confidence

Multi Use

• Multi Discipline Uses
• VR Your Environment
• Build AR Content
• Monetise Assets

Technology enables us to digitise reality, and people like you to benefit from it

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