We are seeing that 3D laser scanning is being utilised within construction on an ever-increasing basis, as it offers highly accurate 3D survey data which can be used in design, BIM and construction feasibility studies. Its ability to accurately record and represent existing elements at a 1:1 scale with an accuracy of +-2mm gives confidence during the design stage of the construction process. This data collected and compiled into a Pointcloud can be used in a range of CAD software that gives your design team, construction team and cost estimators versatility. Being able to manipulate and adequately scrutinise the existing environment and design elements in order to accurately calculate and meet both cost and project time constraints by giving another layer of perception over your project and ultimately a superior level of survey data to work from.

Utilising laser scanning past the initial design stage and being able to analyse existing structures and new installations alike with retrospective scanning for verification and completeness opens-up a new level of quality assurance that can be offered to your clients. This gives an added layer of confidence far beyond the traditional methods of QA and can set you apart from the competition, giving you the edge is this increasing competitive market.

Being able to carry out sense checks on engineering/construction design modifications prior to installation ensures cost effective control over your project and aids visualisation studies, with this information being able to be disseminated at any level.

Why Choose CUB3D?

High Accuracy

• 3D Laser Scanning offers superior levels of accuracy

Time Saving

• ‘Rapid Response’ team of professionals
• Quick Setup
• Fast Data Collection
• Rapid Deliverables


• Save On Costs
• Ensure Accuracy
• Fabricate and Fit
• Confidence

Multi Use

• Multi Discipline Uses
• VR Your Environment
• Build AR Content
• Monetise Assets

Technology enables us to digitise reality, and people like you to benefit from it

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