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Archaeologists are now using state of the art technology to create digital copies of their projects. Combining 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques, CUB3D can produce realistic, ultra-high-resolution textured 3D models, that can be scrutinised, inspected even duplicated to be shared with the world. Our data acquisition techniques can be used to catalogue entire dig sites, monuments, ruins and areas of historical importance as well as artefacts.

With most sites being covered over following a dig, and artefacts being locked away for safe keeping, our techniques allow the assets to be on display through digital forms for all to see. Not only does this open-up the ability to share finds with associates and other archaeologist around the globe, it also allows a wider audience access to these artefacts through mediums such as internet platforms, virtual and augmented reality. The scanned data processed into textured 3D models allowing for utilisation in VR and AR applications can also be made 3D printer ready. Giving the ability to not only view the assets in 3D but allowing a wider audience to print out and potentially hold a 1:1 textured scale model of the artefact. This would add a new and as-yet previously impossible interaction with our historical elements.

Why Choose CUB3D?

High Accuracy

• 3D Laser Scanning offers superior levels of accuracy

Time Saving

• ‘Rapid Response’ team of professionals
• Quick Setup
• Fast Data Collection
• Rapid Deliverables


• Save On Costs
• Ensure Accuracy
• Fabricate and Fit
• Confidence

Multi Use

• Multi Discipline Uses
• VR Your Environment
• Build AR Content
• Monetise Assets

Technology enables us to digitise reality, and people like you to benefit from it

The CUB3D Team

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